Triggered whenever the user exports some artboards, layers or slices

Action Context

The action context for this action contains two keys:

  • document: the document that the change occurred in. Note: currently, this is an instance of MSImmutableDocumentData, and not the more usual MSDocument instance. This is likely to be corrected in a future update of Sketch.
  • exports: a list of the items that were exported. Each entry in this list is a dictionary – see Exports List below for more details.

Exports List

Each entry in the exports property of the action context is a dictionary containing two keys:

  • request: an MSExportRequest object, which contains the details of the export, such as the scale, the format, whether trimming was enabled, and so on.
  • path: the path of the exported file on disc. Examining the file extension of this path is a quick way to filter out exports of a particular type (eg “.svg”).


For an example of this action, see the SVGO Export Plugin

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